Potato cupcakes

The Violet

Starter - Home cooking

4 people

Prep : 20 minutes

Cook : 25 minutes


* 400 g Violet potatoes
* 300 g Chips potatoes
* 2 whole eggs
* 10 cl milk
* Salt & pepper


Cook all the potatoes with the skin on in a large volume of salted water, starting with cold water.
Drain and peel the potatoes.

Crush with a fork, making 2 separate mashes (1 white and 1 purple). Add one egg and 5 cl of milk to each mash, then season if necessary.
Spoon a little of each mash into cupcake moulds and bake for ¼ hour at 180 °C.

Enjoy the cupcakes hot or cold.

Patates parmentine

The Violet

Purple Chips

Icone temps de préparation 10 min

Icone temps de cuisson 15 min

The Violet - Winter

Tonnato potatoes, Roquette & Capers

Icone temps de préparation 20 min

Icone temps de cuisson 25 min

The Violet - Summer